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Practical Tips for Selecting the Right Fuel

Boat owners are primarily left with the choice of diesel, petrol, or hybrid fuel when they are looking to power their boats. But, have you ever wondered which is the right one for you? Will you be able to tell that one type of fuel in Bermuda is better than the other?

No matter what you use your boat for, it is important that you fill it up with the right fuel so you can get the best out of your marine engine. When you have the right one, your boat will perform better and last longer. Below are some tips on selecting the right kind of fuel for your boat.

Know Your Type

By now, if you own a boat, you should already have an idea what type of engine you have. Knowing the type of engine is essential as it would also be your basis for choosing the type of fuel to use.

  • Inboard: Diesel or petrol fuel is recommended for this one. However, if the boat is bigger than 35 feet, you would likely need a diesel.

  • Outboard: Traditionally, petrol is the fuel that is used by boat owners with this type of engine.

  • Stern Drives: Like inboard, stern drives can also run with diesel or petrol. Additionally, stern drives are also considered to be more fuel efficient.

Know How Much You Will Use

The duration that you use your boat in a year is also a factor. Sometimes, you may just be using your boat during the summer season for, say, a hundred hours max. Other times, boats can also be used all year.

We all know that petrol uses up to 35% more fuel if it is at a cruising speed. So, if you are using the boat for a longer duration, then petrol may not be so practical as it could get expensive. It would be a better option if you were only using the boat for short periods. On the other hand, diesel uses less fuel than petrol. But, diesel is infamous for making the engine rattle; causing more noise which might be uncomfortable onboard.

Know the Weight Onboard

As we have mentioned above, petrol can be consumed faster. This is especially true if the boat needs to exert more effort when carrying heavy loads over long distances. If you are delivering a lot of cargo, then diesel should be an option to consider so you can save on the expenses.

Moreover, diesel stations are more common compared to petrol stations. This is another reason why you should choose diesel fuel when you are traveling long distances.

In conclusion, choosing a fuel for your boat is really dependent on your overall purpose. If you are more of the commercial type and are looking into using the boat longer and more frequent, then diesel fuel is the right choice. However, if you are looking to use the boat for personal or luxury use for a short period of time, petrol fuel in Bermuda is a better option as it is much comfortable with lesser noise in the engine.



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