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Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuels in Bermuda. Contact our sales staff today for current prices in all of Bermuda’s ports.

Fuel in Bermuda

The British territory of Bermuda has a long history in the maritime community for trade and shipbuilding. In the modern day, Bermuda is also known as a popular place for corporations to avoid paying taxes. As a supplier of fuels and lubricants, Caribbean Fuels is always ready to assist operators of fishing boats, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, and research vessels acquire the products they need to keep them going. Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuel in Bermuda at the ports of Hamilton, Ireland Island, and St. George’s. We provide marine fuels and lubricant oils produced by Shell and Mobil so you can rest assured that you will have high quality options for your vessel.

Caribbean Fuel’s product line also includes Marine Gas Oil (MGO, bunker fuel), Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), and Chevron lubricants. This, combined with our wide reach that spans the Caribbean, makes Caribbean Fuels a reliable, one-stop shop wherever your vessel may be docking.

Caribbean Fuels has hubs in Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, the Bahamas, Dominica, Jamaica and several other Caribbean Islands. We’re willing and ready to serve your bunkering needs as soon as your vessel hits the docks.

Caribbean Fuels supply locations in Bermuda:

  • Hamilton

    • Docks 1/5/6​

  • Ireland Island

    • Royal Naval Dockyard, Commercial Wharf

    • Royal Naval Dockyard, Heritage Wharf

  • St. George's

    • Penno’s Wharf

    • Ordnance Island

    • Oil Docks – not a recommended bunkering location for yachts

  • St. David's

    • Marginal Wharf​


Contact our sales team for current fuel or lubricant oil prices in Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean.

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