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Port Canaveral & Volusia County Partner to Attract Florida-Bound Cargo

Port Canaveral and Volusia County are teaming up in an effort to attract more international business and jobs to the region.

The Canaveral Port Authority and Volusia County’s Division of Economic Development have signed a memorandum of understanding that will promote each other’s business and geographic advantages. The agreement is aimed at attracting global business by bringing more Florida-bound cargo to the region’s ports.

“This collaborative effort with Volusia County provides opportunity to attract more global cargo operations to our Port,” said Port Canaveral CEO John Murray. “Strategic partnerships like this can attract new business, create jobs and promote economic development for the Central Florida region.”

Port Canaveral and Volusia County each maintain a Foreign Trade Zone for the benefit of the Central Florida region.

Under the memorandum, Port Canaveral and Volusia County will work together to attract new business and develop initiatives that require use of the deep-water port. Such cooperation may involve promoting logistics, transportation, and manufacturing benefits of the region.

The partnership will highlight Florida’s world-class infrastructure and will bring more jobs and businesses to the state.

Just months ago, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis and local officials began offering Florida’s ports to alleviate the port congestion off of the country’s West Coast. The state argues that it positioned to offer a strong long-term solution to the supply chain disruptions impacting the arrival of goods throughout the country.



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