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Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuels in the Dominican Republic. Contact our sales staff today for current prices in all of the Dominican Republic’s ports.

Fuel in the Dominican Republic

The island of Hispaniola is split between the Dominican Republic to the East and Haiti to the west. The Dominican Republic has some excellent seaports for your vessel to restock and refuel. Puerto Plata, Rio Haina, San Pedro, and Santo Domingo are some of these ports and Caribbean Fuels has an established presence in all of them.


Being a reputable local supplier of marine fuels and lubricant oils, Caribbean Fuels knows that operators of fishing boats, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, and navy vessels in the Dominican Republic need top quality bunker fuel and products from trusted brands like Shell and Chevron. We stock and bunker such products and deliver them reliably to customers as soon as they dock for low prices. Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuel in the Dominican Republic.

Aside from fuels and oil, we also offer Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO, RME180, & RMG380), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, and Unleaded Gasoline to clients. Caribbean Fuels is committed to being a lifeline of resources for its clients wherever they may be in the Caribbean. We have hubs in Turks & Caicos, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Grenada, and St. Vincent to name a few. We are ready to serve your bunkering needs wherever your boat may be in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Fuels supply locations in the Dominican Republic:

  • Puerto Plata

    • Muelle Nuevo

      • Berths 1, 2, 3

    • Muelle Viejo

      • Berths 1 and 2

  • Rio Haina

    • Haina Occidental Terminal

      • Berths 1-6 West

    • Haina Oriental Terminal

      • Berths 1-6 East

  • San Pedro

    • Berths 1, 2, 3

  • Santo Domingo

    • East

      • Granja Mora

      • Molinos del Ozama Berth

      • Pronalba Berth

      • Punta Torrecilla Berth

      • Sans Souci Berth

    • West

      • Berths 1, 1A, 2 (Express)

      • Don Diego Terminal

      • Fortaleza Berth

      • Puerto Rico berth

      • Recodo Berth

      • Toma Combustible (West #6a)

Contact our sales team for current fuel or lubricant oil prices in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean.

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