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Winter Cruises in the Caribbean

Looking to book a Caribbean cruise in order to escape your local winter weather? Well, you’re in luck! Because now is the best time to take a cruise throughout the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

While the true “best” time to cruise depends on the destination, budget and travel style, winter is often argued as the best time to cruise throughout the Caribbean.

The ideal cruising conditions of winter are famous calm waters throughout the region. These conditions usually typically last throughout winter and spring, making it the prime Caribbean sailing season.

While many attribute smooth seas to their choice to cruise from December to April, winter in the Caribbean is known for its dry climate and clear skies. You’ll find temperatures in the 70s and 80s throughout the winter months, with Northern ports being a little colder.

In addition to the winter months, Summer is also a popular time to cruise the Caribbean. Many guests appreciate the warmer weather and additional daylight hours to adventure around the ship or their port of call.

Surprisingly, hurricane season can be a great time to cruise the Caribbean, but only if you remain flexible. Weather during the latter part of hurricane season is hot and humid, but you can often find fantastic cruise deals during this time of year.

In review, any month is spectacular for a Caribbean cruise, with the winter months and earlier in the summer season being more popular for passengers. Hopefully the Caribbean Fuels team will see you and your family while we fuel your ship at your next port of call!



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