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When Will Cruise Ships Resume Operations?

In recent days, many major cruise lines have canceled sailings around the globe. These new cancellations are impacting cruises into March and April and for ports around the world.

When will the cruise ship shutdown end?

While a few cruise ships resume operations in Europe and other ports around the world, operations are still shut down and off limits to Americans.

Cruising still remains completely shut down in North America, despite a recent effort to restart operations by smaller companies.

Last month, SeaDream Yacht Club attempted to resume operations with Caribbean sailings out of Barbados on its small, SeaDream 1.

The 112-passenger ship returned back to Barbados after a COVID-19 outbreak and a quarantine for all passengers.

As of now, there is no guarantee to when cruising will resume entirely.

For a comprehensive list of operations by company, click here.



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