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USVIs Offer Cruising Bubble For Yachts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hinder travel plans and charter operations as usual, the Caribbean is finding itself in the midst of an uncertain winter season yet again.

Many islands are enforcing strict entry requirements for yachts cruising in the region. Heath requirements most commonly include COVID-19 testing and a fourteen day quarantine.

According to IGY Marinas, the situation surrounding COVID-19 has seen numerous superyachts choosing the United States Virgin Islands (USVIs) for cruising this winter season. The islands offer relative freedom once vessels enter their waters, which explains the boost in yacht charter traffic they have seen.

“After initial clearance into the USVIs, additional clearances or COVID-19 testing are not required while cruising directly between the USVI territories,” said one executive. Many of their harbors are leading the Caribbean region with their health protocols, onsite testing, and vessel-specific quarantine areas.

The USVIs currently require each incoming person to complete the USVI Travel Portal webform as well as provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to arrival.



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