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Dominica, A New Superyacht Haven

Located in the Eastern Caribbean and 1,400 miles south of Miami, the lush island of Dominica is becoming a new hot spot for superyacht owners and charters alike.

Nicknamed the “Nature Island,” Dominica offers beautiful mountainous terrain, rainforests, dormant volcanoes and coastal reefs that are unparalleled in region. Its aura of untouched remoteness has proven to be a haven for superyachts, which typically gather in Prince Rupert Bay.

Dominica’s maritime industry began with the founding of Cobra Tours & Yacht Services, which offered fuel, provisions and mechanic services, customs clearance, and private tours of the island. Cobra Tours put Dominica on the map and serviced roughly 40 superyachts last year alone.

Even today, Dominica remains largely undiscovered compared to other popular yachting destinations.

For yachts, action is concentrated at the northern and southern ends of the island. Bays on the north side of the island offer clear, light-blue water, wide-open anchorages, and easy access to the town of Portsmouth by tender.

Some anchorages have nearly 80 feet of visibility below the surface, creating beautiful spots for snorkeling and enjoying the marine life below. The Soufrière reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a half-dozen world-class dives for visitors to the island.

Dominica is currently requiring a negative PCR test 24 to 72 hours before arrival and a negative rapid test upon arrival. Visitor then quarantine at a government-designated spot and take another test on day five.



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