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CDC Issues New Warning on Cruise Ships During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issues yet another warning about cruise ships during the COVID-19 pandemic: Avoid them.

The health agency has recently raised the travel risk of cruise ships to Level 4, its highest classification.

“CDC recommends that all people avoid travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, worldwide, because the risk of COVID-19 on cruise ships is very high,” their website says.

The CDC especially warns those with increased risk of severe illness avoid travel on cruise ships. There is an increased risk of person-to-person transmission of the virus aboard cruise chips due to the numerous that outbreaks have been reported on them.

As for people who do choose to travel on a cruise ship soon, CDC says that they should get tested three to five days after their trips and stay home for seven days even if they test negative. If they do not get tested, they are advised to shelter at home for 14 days.

This news comes after the CDC lifted its No-Sail Order on cruise ships on October 30. Along with the ability to sail came a list of conditions they must meet before resuming operations, including testing requirements and written agreements with medical facilities on land.

Earlier this month, the SeaDream 1, one of the first ships to return to sailing in Caribbean waters, was suspended when several passengers and crew members tested positive for the virus.

Since the SeaDream 1 operated outside of U.S. waters, it was not subject to CDC rules and regulations.

Even with new requirements and health precautions in place, the cruise industry has voluntarily suspended U.S. operations through at least the end of the year.

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