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IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) - A mix of heavy fuel oil and gas oil. This is available in different classifications including 500, 380 and 180. For use on ships fitted with scrubbers.

LSFO (Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) - Fuel oil with a sulphur content of between 0.5% and 1.0%.

VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) - Fuel oil with a sulfur content of less than or equal to 0.5%.

ULSFO (Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) - Fuel oil with a sulphur content of less than or equal to 0.1%.

MGO (Marine Gas Oil) - Made from distillate only, MGO closely resembles diesel fuel used by trucks.

ADF (Automotive Diesel Fuel) - The basic diesel fuel used in land vehicles.

Unleaded Gasoline - Also known as benzene, unleaded gasoline is used as fuel for internal combustion engines.

Kerosene - Known as paraffin in the UK, kerosene is used for heating, lighting, cooking, and for transportation.

Jet Fuel - This is an aviation fuel designed to be used in gas turbine engine powered airplanes.

AV Gas 100LL - A high octane fuel that is used in aircrafts and high performance race cars. This is commonly used in aircrafts with Wankel or piston engines.

Bunkering at Sea - This is a fuel delivery method done at the high seas. Instead of having to port, the fuel is taken to the client. This can help save money.

Ports - Structures built by the shore for large ships to dock on. This allows them to make repairs, resupply and refuel.

Lubricant Oil - Produced by major and independent companies, lubricant oils are very important in ship use and maintenance.

Coarse Solar Salt - Used by a fishing fleet to freeze tuna while out at sea, thus helping in preserving the catch.

Anhydrous Ammonia - Is a refrigerant important to freeze the brine solution found in fish wells of tuna vessels. This helps in preserving the catch.

Yacht - A recreational boat that is powered by motor, sail, or a combination of both.

Fishing Boats - Taken out to sea by fishermen in order to catch fish in the high seas.

Cargo Ships - Used to transport anything from raw materials to finished products from one port to another.

Cruise Ships - A passenger liner designed from pleasure voyages. The voyage and ship amenities are the main attractions.

Research Vessels – This is an ocean going vessel that is equipped with the proper machinery to conduct various types of research on the open sea.

Government Vessels - Vessels owned and operated by a government.

Military Vessels - Vessels that has a military purpose including transportation among other things.

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