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Your Trusted Marine partner in Barbados


With key ports like Bridgetown, Barbados serves as a vital conduit for maritime trade and connectivity in the region. The island's efficient port facilities and streamlined cargo handling services make it an appealing option for transshipment and logistical activities, facilitating seamless trade operations. Barbados' maritime expertise and service offerings contribute significantly to regional and global maritime commerce, reinforcing its stature as a pivotal player in the maritime trade network. The island's dedication to fostering a thriving maritime industry underscores its importance in driving economic growth and fostering maritime excellence.

In this maritime landscape, Caribbean Fuels emerges as a cornerstone of marine fuel and lubricant oil supply. With a firm foothold in Bermuda, Caribbean Fuels provides a comprehensive range of marine fuels, including Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Jet Fuel / Jet A-1 and more. Our commitment to quality and compliance ensures that vessels navigating in Bermuda find the highest quality fuels and lubricant oil at the most competitive price.


Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Unleaded Petrol/Gasoline (ULP)

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)

Jet Fuel / Jet A-1

Lubricant Oil

  • Mobil

  • Shell

Contact us today for price indications and product availability throughout Barbados.



  • Arawak Jetty

  • Berths #1 (Cross Berth), 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Breakwater​

  • Bulk Facility

  • Esso Jetty

  • North Basin

  • Oistins

  • Shallow Draught

    • Harbour​

    • Wharf

  • Spring Garden

  • Sugar Berth

Looking for the finest marine fuels and lubricant oils in Barbados?

Our dedicated sales team is available 24/7, combining responsive support with competitive pricing to ensure your business thrives around the clock.

Contact our sales team for current fuel or lubricant oil price indications in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.

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