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Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuels in St. Barts. Contact our sales staff today for current prices in all of St. Barts’ ports.

Fuel in St. Barts / Saint Barthelemy / St. Barths

St. Barts, frequently referred to as St. Barths or Saint Barthélemy, is an overseas collectivity of France. Over 130,000 tourists arrive in St. Barts via boat each year. The height of tourism is New Year's Eve, with celebrities and the wealthy converging on the island in yachts up to 550 feet in length for the occasion.

Most vessels dock in Port de Pleasance, located in the capital city of Gustavia. Larger ships anchor just outside the sheltered Gustavia Harbour and tender passengers ashore. St. Barts is also a short a ferry ride from the port on the Dutch side of St. Marteen.

The ports and moorings of St. Barts see a host of vessels enter and leave their confines each day. To help keep up with the marine fuel and lubricant oil demands of these vessels, Caribbean Fuels has set up distribution sites in all of the country’s main ports. Caribbean Fuels supplies only the finest fuel in St. Barts.

Caribbean Fuels stocks and distributes fuels and lubricants to customers who operate fishing boats, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, and research vessels. We provide products from trusted brand names such as Gulf, NP/Ultra, and Shell. To provide our customers with more options, we also deal products from independent manufacturers.

In addition to marine fuels and lubricants, Caribbean Fuels also supplies the finest Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO, RME180, & RMG380), Marine Gas Oil (MGO, bunker fuel), and Jet Fuel at the most competitive prices​.

Caribbean Fuels supply locations in St. Barts / Saint Barthélemy / St. Barths:

  • Gustavia/Saint Barthélemy (Port de Pleasance)

    • Port de Commerce

    • Port de Plaisance

    • Quai de la Collectivite

    • Quai du Wall House

    • Quai Atvater

    • Quai de la Poste

    • Quai du Fond de Rade

    • Quai du Bord de Mer

    • Quai General de Gaulle

    • Quai de la Republique

    • Quai Jeanna d’Ar

    • Quai de Corossol

Contact our sales team for current fuel or lubricant oil prices in St. Barts / Saint Barthélemy / St. Barths and throughout the Caribbean

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